This week we want to share with you news about future possibilities. Our CEO, Diana Furman, did an educational broadcast about blockchain and the future of work. The founder of Elastos Network shared insights about the future of the internet, and The People’s Bank of China shared their plans to use their digital yuan during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. 

Read about this and other news in our summary of the main and current affairs in the cryptocurrency market this week:

  1. The Bitcoin price dropped to $11,434 and its hash rate is at a record high.
  1. The Ether price this week held at $390. And as for Tether, its average daily transfer value has surpassed that of Bitcoin and PayPal according to recent research.
  1. This week Lumi Wallet CEO Diana Furman did a broadcast with Artur Meyster, the CTO of Career Karma, the educational project from Silicon Valley. During the live stream, they discussed Blockchain and Education, the future of work and educational issues related to crypto. By the way, if you missed the news, Lumi Wallet announced a new security feature: users can set a limit on sending crypto from the wallet. 
  1. The upcoming election in the United States is being discussed around the world, but no matter who is the 46th president of the USA, his policy towards blockchain will influence the crypto market anyway. Trump and Biden have totally different positions on cryptocurrency, while Trump categorically stated that cryptocurrencies aren’t money, Joe Biden accepted Bitcoin donations for his election campaign.
  1. VeChain launched blockchain-enabled sustainability solutions, which help companies reduce costs on reporting for government regulations due to covering different stages of manufacturing. Recycling, processing, reusing and inspection, all data would be trustworthy and consistent across the supply chain, which allows brands to trace the original sources of goods and raw materials. 
  1. Will we get an independent internet in the future? Experts say that the next internet generation is close and soon no one will control it, as it is currently due to tech giants’, some countries’ governments, and presidents’ decisions. 
  1. With the current situation of lockdown around the world because of the virus, it seems strange to plan anything having to do with international events, even future Olympic games, but China’s “The People’s Bank of China” has already started planning how to put its digital currency to use at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.
  1. Despite the possibility of another blanket ban in India, peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading within the Asian powerhouse is still surging and the country’s DeFi sector has been gaining momentum.
  1. On the blockchain side of Starbucks, the coffee giant will let customers trace coffee’s provenance from bean to brew.

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