The first week of the last summer month will be remembered by hackers’ attacks. This week the amount of stolen money from different services and projects reached 8 million US dollars. Despite these attacks, the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology are constantly developing and its participants are involved in the market war for the lead position.

Read about this and other news in our short summary of the main and current affairs in the cryptocurrency market this week:

  1. The Bitcoin price almost crossed the $12,000 market price line and by the end of this week its price reached $11,900. 
  1. Despite a few attacks within this week, the Ether price held around $395, but the security issues are still top news of the day. 
  1. Blockchain technology is getting more and more widespread. Based on the blockchain, the IP project SharpShark will protect content creators and their intellectual property. They got an investment from Blockchain venture capital fund NEM Ventures. 
  1. A Switzerland bank announced its plans to launch a cryptocurrency service. It will be the first bank in Switzerland to take a positive step with the crypto market and allow customers to trade and store digital coins. 
  1. More than 600,000 hotels will soon start to accept cryptocurrency. The collaboration between the Travala crypto booking platform and booking service Agoda will allow users to pay for their accommodation with cryptocurrency.
  1. The Crypto Exchange Bitfinex will pay 400 million US dollars for information about the hackers who stole bitcoin in 2016. The hackers themselves also got a good offer, they will receive 25% of the total property recovered.
  1. Hack attacks of the week: the 51% hack attack to Ethereum Classic lead to 5.6 million US dollars being stolen,  DeFi project OPY reported that $370,000 was stolen due to a vulnerability in the Opyn ETH Put contract, European Crypto Trading Platform 2gether’s servers lost almost 1.4 million dollars due to attacks on crypto-investment accounts and finally, the cyber attack against Canon. The Maze group stole 10TB of Pics and Data from Canon and demanded crypto ransom.  
  1. Youtube continuously restricts projects related to cryptocurrency, sometimes it makes sense. The youtube channel Altcoin Daily was banned due to ‘Encouraging Illegal Activities” and Jon Prosser’s channel was taken down due to scammers using it for a Bitcoin giveaway scam.
  1. Leaking in July, the Passport data of 1.14 million Russians is now being sold on the darknet. This happened during the constitutional reform referendum, which utilized Blockchain technology.
  1. Alexander Vinnik, known as “Mr. Bitcoin,” who laundered 300K Bitcoin through crypto exchange BTC-e and awaits charges in the United States and Russia, will be facing a trial in France first.
  1. Chinese Tencent, which is building a blockchain platform for the oldest Chinese vine producer, as well as Alibaba, will face a serious competitor in the digital payment sector.  China’s Central Bank will use all available tools and already prompted a case probe against tech giants over market dominance. 

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