Influencers, advisors, advocates – the blockchain industry is loaded with charismatic and opinionated personalities. In the social media age, anyone can get a chance to be in the spotlight.  While some people try to use it wisely, others seem to be all over the place.

Either way, there is a group of unspoken leaders in the crypto sphere that all of us have heard of at some point. We’ve decided to make our own list of diverse blockchain faces, so the next time your friends are randomly dropping names, you don’t have to google them in secret.

#1 Vitalik Buterin, (The Lord of the Geeks)

There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of Vitalik. Chief Scientist of the Ethereum Foundation and one of the top people in blockchain started his career in crypto as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and also found time to work on a few open-source projects. He made it to a couple of Forbes lists and received Honorary Doctorates from the University of Basel. And by the way, he’s only 25 at the moment. Now if that’s not impressive, we’re not sure what is.

#2 Andreas Antonopoulos, (The Man who Mastered Bitcoin)

If Bitcoin was a religion, Andreas Antonopoulos would be its prophet. An author of multiple articles, frequent conference speaker, security expert, strategic consultant, and a huge Bitcoin believer, Mr. Antonopoulos has also published a crypto-bestseller ‘Mastering Bitcoin’.  Fun fact: once he received 100 BTC from his followers which, obviously, caused quite a sensation and an envy spree from other top crypto influencers.

#3 Brian Armstrong, (Blockchain Unicorn)

Coinbase co-founder and the ‘Rockstar’ of the crypto community, Brian Armstrong has always had a thing for technology. You can often see him speaking at various tech conferences worldwide. He is also known for working on a wide range of blockchain-related projects.

#4 Roger Ver, (Bitcoin Jesus)

The person behind and Bitcoin Cash devotee, Roger Ver spares no expenses when it comes to supporting the blockchain industry. He is devoted to sponsoring Bitcoin startups, investing big time, and has already earned the moniker of ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ from the grateful community.

#5 Nick Szabo, (Cryptography Legend)

It’s almost impossible to write an article on cryptography without mentioning Nick Szabo; we know this firsthand. One of the first people who introduced smart contracts to the world, he is a well-known cryptographer and researcher. Actually, he has done so much for the cryptocurrency industry so far that some people say he is the real Satoshi. However, Nick Szabo humbly denies the rumor.

#6 Elizabeth Stark, (Lady Stark of the Free Internet)

A few months ago we dedicated an article specifically to female blockchain influencers, where we mentioned Elizabeth Stark. Before she co-founded Lightning Labs, Stark used to teach at Yale and Stanford, where her students “studied peer-to-peer technology, privacy, open source software, and memes.” Not to mention her significant contribution to the freedom of internet during the SOPA/PIPA protests. A woman to look up to.

#7 Charlie Lee, (The Fortuneteller)

From Bitcoin mining to gifting Litecoin to the world, Charlie Lee is also known for his bold BTC price predictions. They don’t usually come true though. However, he is still considered to be one of the biggest crypto influencers.

#8 Hal Finney, (Eternal Cypherpunk)

Hal Finney was a talented computer scientist and one of the earliest adopters. He was actually the person who received the first-ever BTC transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. Cypherpunk, game developer, and an engaged bitcointalk member, Hal Finney has made a significant contribution to cryptography and digital privacy.

#9 John MacAfee, (Bad Boy of Crypto)

Although we’ve tried our best not to mention those blockchain influencers who are too controversial (it’s been hard), we just couldn’t stay away from John MacAfee. A famous IT-entrepreneur and political activist that founded McAfee Associates and created one of the leading antivirus softwares of its time, he is also a huge fan and promoter of Bitcoin. Ever since John McAfee got into crypto, he’s vigorously promoted all sorts of coins and tokens, sometimes clearly insignificant ones. His price predictions are so fierce that they are capable of intimidating even Charlie Lee himself. McAfee’s positive BTC will hit $1 million in 2020. But who are we to argue?

#10 Diana Furman, (Editor’s Choice)

We cannot simply finalize this list of top cryptocurrency influencers without mentioning our CEO, Diana Furman. Diana is definitely an entrepreneur of promise. She has a traditional corporate finance background, but was always keen on tech. Three years ago she had a chance to take part in a blockchain project and eventually got deeply involved within the industry. Diana is leading the Lumi team, a crypto wallet that has already made its way into the hearts of multiple crypto believers. Miss Furman is also a slight perfectionist, and recently made the big decision to make Lumi Wallet full-time open source. We’re thrilled and excited of what’s gonna come out of it!


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