Hold popular collectibles with Lumi 

Over the last month crypto collectables are becoming more and more popular. There are different kinds of them. All the cryptopets, celebrities and different experience can be collected on the blockchain platform. This is the way to combine your interest to cryptocurrency with your interest to collect something.

ERC-721 and ERC-20. What’s the difference?

Here we deal with ERC-721. ERC-721 is better suited for digital collectibles than ERC-20. The first difference between collectables and ERC-20 tokens is that each Crypto Kitty, for example, needs to have unique attributes, such as age, breed or color. Some mixture of attributes can be super rare, making them remarkably valuable. For example, one such cat on CryptoKitties traded for $110,000.

The second difference is ERC-20 tokens are divisible. It means users can divide them up into small amounts for buying, selling or trading. Collectables cannot be divided. A half a cat wouldn’t be so fun or valuable to have.

Like coins or tokens all the collectables are to be held in a wallet. For now most owners of crypto collectables use Metamask digital wallet. It is functioning as a bank account.

Where may I collect them better?

However, you can work only with Ethereum based crypto in Metamask. It could be much useful to hold tokens, coins and collectables inside one wallet.

Lumi wallet takes care of its users and wants to broaden your horizons. Soon Lumi presents a new app for your collectables. It will be  a very user friendly app. There you can easily swipe from one card to another.

Lumi wallet is highly secure and user friendly device! Our developers always broaden your opportunities. Starting from BTC, we already support ETH and most popular tokens, launched web interface and are going to present in-wallet exchange. And now we extend our opportunities to collectables! Hold them in new Lumi app and enjoy proven ease of use and security provided by Lumi Technologies. We never sit still and always offer our users new services!

You can download Lumi for iOS or Android in two clicks!

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