FunFair: Blockchain Solutions For Gaming

Are you a player? Do you like gambling? In fact, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve ever tried your fate in an online casino. Almost everyone has a certain idea on the hidden agenda of these controversial enterprises. Clearly, these opinions are usually biased. Players are worried about the fairness, operators are concerned about frauds, and bystanders are questioning the entire affair. As a result, all parties do not trust each other much.

Can this ever be changed? FunFair claims to have a solution: they offer a blockchain-powered casino technology to the gaming sector.

“Imagine a world of honest casinos, fair games and instant guaranteed cashouts. That’s FunFair.”

FunFair’s Mission

Thanks to blockchain technology, we now have the possibility of adding transparency and security to a variety of affairs we’re fiddling with daily, and the gaming industry is no exception.

The platform developed by the FunFair Technologies can become a foundation for a pioneering gaming ecosystem that connects players and game operators in real time and aims to revolutionize online gaming.

Having decades of gaming experience, FunFair is building a world where the house and its players have every chances to develop solid, trusting and long-lasting relationships. The company believes that operators should be able to engage in their business and avoid the threat of game or payment fraud.

Also, as FunFair points out, the costs of running a gaming business shouldn’t be as excessive as they currently are with the use of blockchain technology.

On the other hand, players should be absolutely confident in the fairness of the games and on top of that get the best user experience and, more importantly, enjoy the gaming process. After all, it’s all about fun, isn’t it?

Why FunFair?

FunFair’s technology is currently in daily use across over 22 licensed jurisdictions around the world.

Its turnkey solution allows you to create your very own casino effortlessly and quickly, with the payment system all set up and ready to go. It is protected from hacking and player or operator interference.

Smart contracts provide transparency. Proprietary Fate Channel technology, FunFair’s live version of state channel tech contributes to the fast and smooth gaming process. And it’s efficient too: FunFair’s games require 10% of the network processing fees of other blockchain casinos, which results in low costs.

If you’re a player, you’ll definitely see the true value in FunFair’s approach. No banking economy leads to instant deposits and withdrawals. You don’t even need to trust a casino with your precious funds and can play the games straight from your crypto wallet. Blockchain-powered registration and payments eliminate the possibility of fraud.

Moreover, FunFair Technologies’ casino platform is already live with CasinoFair. The company states that the platform delivers the ultimate blockchain casino experience. It is currently welcoming new players. A second casino is set go live imminently in partnership with leading poker affiliate RakeTheRake.

The FUN Token in Lumi Wallet

FUN is an ERC20 token which powers every aspect of the FunFair gaming ecosystem. Players can use it for betting, game developers receive it in exchange for their contribution, and additionally, it enables various key processes on the network.

  • Casinos take wagers and payout instantly in FUN tokens.
  • Players use it to gamble across any FunFair-powered casino.
  • Developers receive it as payment for their contribution.
  • Affiliates get paid in FUN in real-time.

Lumi Wallet users can easily buy FUN tokens right in their app, as well as on the Web version, in a few simple steps. If you’re not sure how to manage your FUN in the Lumi app, we’ve got you covered. Read our simple tutorial and get your game on.

Keep FUN token in Lumi Wallet

First of all, you’ll need to download the Lumi Wallet app if you haven’t got it yet. Don’t worry, it is completely anonymous so you won’t need to provide any sensitive information to us. After you’re done with the simple registration procedure you’re all ready to go.

Lumi is a client-side wallet, which means you are the only person who controls your private keys and funds. And, by the way, that’s the only way it should be. So don’t forget to write down your mnemonic and keep it in a safe place outside of your device. It is important. If you lose your recovery phrase, you won’t be able to restore your funds.

Tap on the ‘Manage Wallets’ button, type in “FUN”, and choose it from the list. Confirm the operation and check your new FunFair wallet on the main page.

If you already have some funds on your Lumi account, you can buy FUN tokens with no hassle right inside the app. Go to the ‘Exchange’ section, choose the right amount of ETH, BTC, EOS or any other crypto that you own and select FUN as the currency you wish to receive.

Exchange FUN token in Lumi Wallet

You will see the amount of your transaction in both crypto and USD. For your convenience, we set up a relevant transaction fee automatically but you can choose to change it if you like.

When all the preparations are finished, check the transaction details and confirm it.

Have a look at your new balance and you’re ready to play!

Lumi Wallet also allows you to send, receive, sell, and securely store FUN tokens. Users can also check their transaction history and price graphs.

Apart from FUN, Lumi Wallet allows the management of the majority of ERC20 tokens, as well as major coins, including BTC, ETH, EOS, and BCH.


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