As much as we love our app users, there is a whole universe of those who prefer Lumi Web Wallet the most. So if you’re one of Lumi’s devoted fans, you must have read our roadmap for 2019 and consequently, you’re expecting us to release the new web update that finally supports an in-wallet exchange. 

We would hate to make you wait any longer!

Please, let us present to you a whole new Lumi Web Wallet, now with an exchange function!

What’s New With Lumi Web Wallet

Basically, we’ve made your life easier. If you just want to renew your digital asset portfolio once in a while and do it effortlessly, try exchanging your coins and tokens right inside your web wallet.

Lumi Web Wallet adds cryptocurrency exchange

Interested in the new Ethereum token everyone is talking about? Add its wallet in Lumi and buy some tokens using the coins that you already have. Just click on the ‘Exchange’ button and seal the deal.

With the new Lumi Web Wallet release, you are now able to exchange BTC, ETH, and 900+ ERC20 tokens. Soon we will add another long-awaited option to buy crypto with fiat.

If you cannot see the token you’re looking for, please let us know at [email protected]

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Previously, we wrote the complete Lumi Web Wallet tutorial, and you’re welcome to check it out in case you’re still not sure how to add new wallets or you’re wondering about some other essential functions or simply want to learn more about Lumi’s advantages. 

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