The end of summer has been bearish, with the BTC price falling down 5% and the rest of the market, in turn, gaining 5%. Right now the market is not showing much movement and the majority of coins are trading sideways. As Bitcoin’s monthly lows were higher than ever before, many investors stay confident that it’s a good sign and keep predicting upward trends by the end of the year. 

All things considered, if you’re planning to invest, you have to act fast.

Investing Essentials


Some traders even call crypto a ‘belief system’ instead of an investment, as its price fluctuations can be overwhelming. But the thing is, there are thousands of assets you can choose from and eventually come away with some profits. 

Of course, you need to figure out your investment strategy first. Some cryptocurrency assets, like Bitcoin, are more suitable for traders who are willing to take risks to get higher profits in a short amount of time. Other, more stable cryptocurrencies will meet the needs of devoted holders. 

And you just have to decide which cryptocurrencies you’re willing to bet on. 



Having Bitcoin in your portfolio is classic. However, the amount of your BTC investment depends on how risky you are.

Bitcoin is by far the most universally accepted coin on the market, famous for its price fluctuations that are almost unavoidable at this point. With time, we’ve witnessed Bitcoin lose more than 80% of its value, however it managed to partially recover. And that is typical Bitcoin for you.

Whenever another corporation makes a striking cryptocurrency-related announcement, the Bitcoin price moves with the hype. For example, just within the 10 days after Facebook launched its Libra coin, Bitcoin’s price grew from $9,000 to more than $12,000. However, later on the price stabilized and now it’s hovering around $10,000. 

Thomas Lee, an eternal Bitcoin believer, admits that the general regulatory situation is rather vague and questions the outcome of Bitcoin futures. And yet he’s staying positive and predicts upward trends by the end of the year. His bet is on $22,000.

Others are not as optimistic. The CEO of GVA Research, David Garrity, in his interview with Bloomberg mentioned that the BTC price can fall as low as $5,000. 

Meanwhile, John MacAfee is pretty confident about his ‘$1 mil BTC price by the end of 2020.’

Bogart Spencer sees Bitcoin above all as a store of value. For that reason, he suggests investing 1% of your portfolio in it and simply holding it for three or more years.

Judging by the general mood among the experts, the long-term perspective is that Bitcoin is likely to go up, and holding instead of trading could be a safer strategy. 

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Ethereum is all about technology and constant improvements. It is not just a cryptocurrency, but also a platform for building dApps. ICOs, smart contracts, thousands of Ethereum tokens – you name it. 

Being the second biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and beyond, Ethereum shows very little price movement at the moment and probably will not continue its downfall for much longer. 

Some researchers suggest that although the Ethereum price might be hitting the bottom now, it is likely to start going up if not soon, at least at the beginning of next year when Ethereum 2.0 launches.

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Having raised $4 billion, EOS held one of the most successful ICOs of all time. It is considered to be Ethereum’s closest rival because of the sophisticated technology behind it. 

After the end of the famous ICO, the price of EOS grew remarkably, hitting its all-time high at $22,89. The coin’s volatility index is generally low (all things considered) and EOS’ ROI is estimated at 271.29%.

According to the founders, adding this coin to your portfolio as a long-term investment is a smart move. At the moment you can get 1 EOS for $3.83 and some experts believe it will go up to $9 in the medium term.

You will soon be able to buy EOS in Lumi Wallet with your bank card. As for now, you can use our built-in exchange to trade your BTC or ETH for EOS.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS are the three must-have coins for a solid cryptocurrency investment portfolio. However, the main ‘secret’ is in diversifying. The more types of assets you hold, the bigger your chances are of gaining a decent profit. 

Ethereum Tokens (ERC20)

And there are so many other investing options beyond Bitcoin! We recommend you take a look at Ethereum tokens as there are many outstanding teams and projects in the space. The great thing about these tokens is that you can easily exchange your Bitcoin or Ethereum for them in Lumi Wallet.

OmiseGo (OMG)


OmiseGo is arguably one of the most prominent platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain and, as a bonus, has Vitalik Buterin as an advisor. The project is dedicated to one of the biggest blockchain challenges of banking the unbanked and providing fast, efficient, and secure transactions. 

The current price of OMG is $1.05 and the token is currently in a steady decline. Its all-time high ($28.35) was in January last year and if the situation repeats itself this year, you’re in for some big profits.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)


BAT was created as a utility token by the Brave team and has a very curious concept. You can earn BAT by simply surfing the web or creating good content. 

Considering the fact that the security-focused Brave browser just outran all the other browsers in Japan according to Google Play statistics, it makes sense to stock up on some BAT while its price is still pretty low. 

Maker (DAI/MKR)

Stablecoins can be a great addition to your portfolio and that’s why we want to introduce you to Maker. Depending on your investment strategy, you can bank directly on their stablecoin Dai (pegged to USD), or get Maker’s governance token MKR. If you want to learn more about how Maker works, read our previous article.

In January 2018 the MKR price went up to $1,773.92 and then dropped again big time, following the overall market tendency. Right now the price of the token is $481.42 and experts are expecting a rise by the end of the year. 

If you already hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can easily exchange it for all of the aforementioned tokens directly in Lumi Wallet.

All the blog content is for informational purposes only. We do not provide any financial, legal, or any other type of advice. Lumi Wallet strongly recommends you to do your own research and analyze the risks before engaging in any cryptocurrency investing or trading activities. Keep in mind, that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and any past performance of these asset does not guarantee returns.

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