Have you ever considered adding a cryptocurrency widget to your online platform? Whether you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast running your own site or a dedicated blogger, a well-made can widget can add extra functionality and freshen up your site’s interface. 

You can use these widgets to make a statement, highlight your beliefs, educate your visitors, and even make your own contribution towards pushing cryptocurrency adoption. On top of that, widgets can act as an additional way to monetize your platform as some companies use them as a part of their pay-per-click campaign. 

Depending on the purpose of your website, there are a few widgets that might end up being a good addition to your website. We’ve listed several cryptocurrency widgets that look great and come in handy.

Lumi Wallet Widget

Lumi Wallet widget

Whether you’re a devoted Bitcoin advocate or just want to help your website’s visitors buy crypto easily and safely, and at the same time do it in style, Lumi Wallet widget is what you need. Besides looking slick, it’s also straightforward in terms of functionality and installation. 

Lumi’s widget comes in two shapes suitable for full screens and mobile sites. You can use the basic white mode to keep it simple and use your brand color for the button. And if you’re feeling creative, you can use the custom background mode and use several colors to create a good-looking gradient.

Cryptocurrency News Widget by Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph’s widget

If you start your day by checking on the latest news on blockchain and crypto markets and you feel the urge to share that with the world, Cointelegraph’s widget might be the one for you. It shows the most important industry news and comes in a simple design that can fit almost anywhere. 

There are two color schemes: dark and light, and you can customize it by adding pictures and a price index with adjustable targeted currency. You can choose to share from 5 to 50 pieces of news, pick the size, and filter news by hashtags.

Coin Stats Widgets

Coin Stats widget

Coin Stats, a popular crypto portfolio tracker, has quite a few stylish widgets that can put a twist on your website. From minimalistic coin price widget to charts, app insights, a converter, and even an investment calculator widget, they would complement any blog or crypto-focused website.

You can customize all widgets by size, theme, weight, height, and even choose your own colors. Besides, you can select which cryptocurrency you’re interested in and which fiat currency to pair it with.

Coingecko Widgets

CoinGecko’s widget

CoinGecko offers 11 simple and easy-to-install widgets available in different languages. Apart from regular Coin Ticker Widgets, they’ve got coin lists, converters, charts, marquee, heatmap, Beam updates, and random coin widgets. 

Although you cannot change their brand color scheme, apart from the background, you can regulate the size of the widget, select the coin, and the preferred fiat currency. Besides, they are all AMP compatible.

Crypto Widget by Investing.com

Crypto widget by Investing.com

A gold-mine of information on finance management, Investing.com also created its own crypto widget that shows all the essential info on the 10 top cryptocurrencies, including market cap, trading volume, and price changes. 

The widget comes in 4 forms to make sure it fits full screens (desktops), tablets, and smartphones and has a few customizable features. Apart from the dark and light schemes, you can round the corners of the widget and add or remove columns. 

Mining Profitability Calculator by Cryptorival

Mining profitability calculator widget

If you’re more interested in covering the topic of cryptocurrency mining, rather than trading or investing, there is something for you too. Cryptorival made a simple calculator widget that helps estimate whether your mining efforts live up to your expectations. 

The widget features more than 100 coins and fits desktops and mobile screens. You can choose the background and button colors, as well as results tab colors and link colors, and adjust the size. Cryptorival also has a news widget that shares the hottest crypto-related news from reputable sources.  


No wonder that the popularity of integrated tools like widgets keeps on growing: they are ready to install right away. You don’t need to spend time and money on designing, coding, or thinking out the details – just use the ready solution instead. Companies can use them as an additional marketing channel, and bloggers and other site owners monetize their platforms. 

And our team knows this firsthand. Once we released our Lumi Wallet Web Widget, we received dozens of requests about integrating it. 

Keep on experimenting and advancing your website, pick a widget or two, and surprise your users!

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