Step-by-step Lumi wallet guide

How to send and receive coins and tokens We want to present you the Step-By-Step Guide to Lumi wallet. You can learn how to send and receive crypto with Lumi and some more useful tips to help keep it safe. Let’s start! First steps The first step is to download Lumi. Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago

Meet tokens in Lumi wallet

Meet tokens in Lumi wallet The most popular question among cryptocurrency holders sounds like this: Can I hold the most popular coins and tokens in one place and not have to worry about security? Of course, you can. Sounds impossible? Lumi is the most secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet that suits Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago
Good to Know

Exchange or wallet?

Exchange or wallet? That is the question The question about where it’s better to store cryptocurrency is one of the most important questions. Some people prefer to use an anonymous wallet while some people find it difficult to install wallet and keep the private key. Tastes differ. However, we should know Read more…

By Donald Tsang, ago