Can a crypto wallet be anonymous and secure without sacrificing usability and design?

Should any wallet lose its ease of use becoming more secure and private? Of course, it should not. Here is a Lumi wallet.

You may enjoy intuitive interface and keep your funds safe with Lumi.

Are you a beginner? Don’t worry, Lumi has a very friendly interface that makes your start smooth.

Lumi supports both coins and tokens. Find ETH and BTC there and hold your tokens with it! Give it a try and let the team know what do you think!

The coming Lumi versions will support in-app exchange and other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Why I should choose Lumi?


Lumi requires no registration or user data of any kind. At the same time, most wallets require some kinds of personal data (your email address, name, or ID verification).The Lumi team understands that one of the most important point while using cryptocurrency is a protection of your personal financial privacy and anonymity.

Lumi promises to keep you anonymous. A unique address is generated every time you send or receive funds, making your transaction activity and total balance much harder to track, and keeping your business in private. There’s no need to backup each address separately, all of them can always be restored using your 12-word mnemonic phrase.


Lumi achieves the extra security of your funds with a help of a special PIN-code. You create it by yourself and use it each time you want to open the wallet. You can also change a PIN-code identification to touch/face ID in order to access your wallet.

Only you always hold your own private keys. Your private keys are generated and stored on your phone. This point guarantees you complete security and control under your funds.


You can easily install Lumi on your device for free. Later, our team will provide you with Android version and Web interface.

Intuitive interface

Lumi is made for you to have it at your fingertips every time like your real wallet for your cash. It has a very simple menu and some “hot” buttons that can make your use quick and easy. An app sidebar contains some necessary points as FAQ and some documents to read.

Here you can also easily find your mnemonic phrase.


Lumi provides you with lots of financial opportunities such as sending or receiving coins, holding tokens, checking your balance in BTC, ETH and USD. Using this app you can also see your transactions, and monitor the coins’ and tokens’ price graph for the past months.

Further development

Our team is testing a Web versions of Lumi and you are kindly requested to participate. Besides, Lumi continues to add new coins and tokens for your convenient and productive work!