On the threshold of a new blockchain-powered era, we’ve still got a couple of issues that require immediate solutions. Before businesses worldwide can embrace the new technology and the benefits it promises, we need to solve a variety of problems, including scalability, resource segregation, and adaptation. There is a certain need for specific blockchain architecture that customizes various chains to meet their own needs and at the same time fulfills commercial requirements for specific industries. 

For every call, there is an answer and Aelf is determined to shoot back. This long-established cloud computing network has set the goal of becoming a highly effective and customizable operating system that is going to be a Linux-like version of Blockchain. 

What is Aelf?

The aelf system builds higlhy effective chain structures in order to challenge the capabilities of the common blockchain and help businesses become more productive. Instead of depending on one single node – and that’s how it normally works – the Aelf network operates on server clusters and transactions are executed parallelly. This way, the node expands horizontally and adds more servers to the game when necessary. 

The multi-chain structure suggests more server paths so every node can become a sub cluster which results in resource segregation. In Aelf’s design, the main chain is responsible for unified planning and indexing by verifying the operations of the side chains, so although they are independent they can still interact with each other.  And this, in turn, helps with lessening the load of the system.

Aelf offers token holders the opportunity to influence the development process by voting. The platform introduced a democratic delegate voting system for better governance and, consequently, technological progress.

AELF Project’s Emerging Partnerships

AELF Project To expand the development possibilities, the platform is partnering with companies worldwide, in the hopes of achieving a greater goal: connect Aelf’s main with all sorts of advantageous uncoupled business chains. Impressive investment agreements and promising partnership contracts contribute to the value of the coin, and the Aelf price prediction looks rather positive in the long run.

If you want to learn more about the network, take a look at the Aelf white paper, or get familiar with the latest Aelf news and coin essentials on the company’s blog page.

ELF token

Aelf coin is an ERC20 ELF token which you can hold in Lumi Wallet. 

  • Download Lumi Wallet
  • Create an Aelf coin wallet by adding it from the ‘Manage wallets’ section
  • Use your new ELF token address to safely store, send, and receive the coin, as well as to participate in Aelf airdrops

The good news is that you can easily buy the ELF token on the majority of mainstream exchanges. Once you do it, we strongly suggest transferring your funds to a safer storage.

AELF and Lumi Wallet

Lumi Wallet is a client-side HD wallet that hands you full control of your funds and private keys. We provide you with a secure place to hold your tokens as well as some useful tools to make your daily crypto routine as convenient as possible. Lumi Wallet apps – and since recently, our web version as well – is equipped with a built-in exchange to trade your crypto. You can buy and sell coins like BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, and various ERC20 tokens. 

Soon we will add a fiat payment option and give our users the opportunity to buy crypto, including the ELF token, with their credit cards.

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