A prospective of investing in blockchain projects seems both luring and intimidating for those of us who read the something-between-a-thriller-and-a-soap-opera crypto news of the past two years. Many newcomers got their fingers burnt buying BTC in December 2017 (the bravest still hope for a happy ending, others are (putting it lightly) frustrated). The market is volatile, the talks are controversial, the opinion leaders seem to make the situation even more tangled.
What does an average person do to sail through this boiling ocean?

At first sight the answer is self-explanatory: you have to spend hours and hours learning, reading, checking your hypotheses, thinking and communicating: a regular become-in-the-know kit for the things they don’t teach you in college.

This being true and inevitable, we can’t deny that gaining expertise in investing is as non-linear as it could be, and time spent on learning is not a guarantee of success. (Like, at all)

Partially, this is due to the fact that human thinking is subject to cognitive biases and a mysterious thing called intuition that we are prone to rely on. We also have friends, colleagues, neighbours, blown tyres, black cats and economy crises that influence our financial decisions whether we want it or not.

Both scholars and business owners over the world try to eliminate human factor risks (actually, this is true for almost every industry) by introducing high-technology solutions based on AI (artificial intelligence).

Crypto investment is no exception, and, logically, the crypto consulting tools use blockchain technology. Today we speak of one of the most promising (in our opinion) AI crypto assistant projects called Daneel.

Daneel’s goal is to create a first intelligent crypto finance assistant, both powerful and easy to use. The existing solutions (usually some messenger bots) usually are of limited utility or usability (mostly both), i.e. they can give you currency rates of collect a bunch of facts or news on the topic for further analysis. Usually it works only if you use a specific and predefined query syntax, different for every tool/bot. Daneel is aimed to overcome those limitations. Ideally, it is a tool to help you stay informed, analyze the market tendencies and emotions, educate yourself, get personalized recommendations and manage your portfolio as well as to get alerts when your assets are in danger.

The system is based on machine learning: Daneel is going to learn and further improve its analytical and prediction skills. Also, Daneel technologies are IBM certified partners and use IBM Watson which is one of the most powerful AI tools on the market.

The platform is planned to be suited for both new and advanced users, as they want to democratize access to AI for investment.

Apart from the stated challenges, Daneel has to provide high level of data security (intrinsically crucial for crypto) and usability (substantial for popularity and accessibility of the service).

Daneel token (DAN) was introduced to the public as a future means of 1) paying for Daneel assistant services 2) interacting with the platform and its users. DAN ERC20 tokens were available during the ICO and now can be bought on numerous exchanges. The team stresses the fact that DAN is not a financial asset and isn’t intended to generate revenue by itself.

Whatever reasons you have for keeping your DAN tokens, we are happy to announce that from now on, you can keep, send and exchange DAN with Lumi wallet 🙂

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