What makes a good game? Some say it’s about the smooth gameplay and an exciting story. Others get hooked by the lovable characters and striking graphics. We believe a good game is a work of art and should tick all the right boxes.

Previously we announced Lumi’s partnership with 0xUniverse — a next-gen blockchain game that has a good chance of becoming one of your favorite. It’s time to properly introduce them.

For all the space dreamers out there, 0xUniverse would be a great catch. It was developed by the Ox.games team, who want to build a sort of gaming eco-system and has already been acknowledged by the industry and has even won several awards.

0xUniverse Gameplay

But let’s get back to the Universe. The story takes place in the 22nd century, rich from Great Cosmic Discoveries. When interstellar travels are no longer just a part of fiction novels but a daily occurrence, the United Earth Government decides to sell some planets to inspired entrepreneurs so they can make a contribution to reinforcing the galaxy.

Your primary (but not only) goal is to conquer as many planets as possible. In order to do so, you can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets.

Each planet is a digital ERC721 collectible with a unique design (and can be safely stored in Lumi Collect). There are four kinds of planets: common, rare, epic and legendary. Spectacular presentation and thrilling stories are included.

As time goes by, the planets become more prosperous and valuable and this opens up new options for your galactic exploration. The game runs on Ethereum blockchain, you are guaranteed sole ownership of every single planet you conquer.

Players can cooperate in an attempt to find the secret of the origin of life, which real players actually do, as the game has a very passionate and highly engaged community.

If there is something interesting happening in the galaxy and beyond, 0xTimes — the online periodical on the world of 0xUniverse — will be there to cover it. Once in a while, they even reveal some of the darkest space secrets.

At the beginning of November, new features such as planet rent, planet naming, and the ability to sort planets by population were added to the game. On November 27th, 0xUniverse officially announced that the mobile version of the game had finally been released. Although it is still in development and has limited feature set, you can already download it on your mobile device (available on both iOS and Android).

The roadmap promises some new strategy features. 0xBattleships — a follow-up to 0xUniverse — will offer the possibility to equip spaceships with some unique armor for better resistance. It will allow players to explore space from an engineer’s point of view and the main focus will be on the battleship modules. Those modules will be stored in blockchain and just like the planets, they are non-fungible tokens.

The partnership between Lumi Collect and 0xUniverse allows players to store all their planets in one place and also execute all in-game transactions, due to the use of Lumi SDK.

To celebrate the partnership, Lumi and 0xUniverse started a Legendary Planet giveaway, which will last until February 12th, and you can read about how to participate here.

A new era of mobile blockchain gaming has already begun and it’s the best time to become a part of it!

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